Solomon Alfapada
Video Production

Soloman, Solz for short, is a Searider Productions alum, and a graduate of the Art Institute of California – Los Angeles. Throughout the years, Solz has worked on a variety of videos- short commercials to long documentaries- and is a founding member of Makaha Studios.


Keoni Fernandez
Editor & Production

An alumnus of Searider Productions, former producer at KHON 2, and Director at Makaha Studios, Keoni has helped create hundreds of commercials in Hawaiʻi over the past few years. He has also worked on several long-form videos. In addition to his production and directing duties, Keoni also oversees equipment and technology infrastructure requirements for client video production services.


Troy Kohatsu
Photographer & Videographer

Troy specializes in graphics and photo editing, and transitioned tophotography and videography. He started as a surf photographer for Shaka Kidz Foundation in Waikiki. Being a part of the Hawaii’s Finest brand since 2009, Troy has had to opportunity to document countless events- both domestic and international.



Sharvis Ortega

Sharvis attended four years of media technology in Houston, Texas. In 2001, he won first place in Houston’s Cultural Shapers film festival. About two years ago, Sharvis, along with his cousin’s, opened a media business called, Epic Motion Hawaii. Throughout the years, Sharvis has worked on many different styles of videos; including weddings and special events.